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National History Day and Archives

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Welcome to National History Day and Archives Toolkit!

This wiki provides information on using archives for National History Day. Archives have collected a wealth of resources that document and reveal our shared history—resources that enrich and may even provide the inspiration for winning National History Day projects!


Are you a student or teacher working on a National History Day project and need to find great primary sources? Check out the resource links under "Information for Students and Teachers."

If you are an archivist wishing to incorporate National History Day outreach at your institution - or simply want to learn more about this national event, resource links under "Information for Archivists, Librarians, and Media Specialists" will provide some background and ideas.


Whether you're new to archives, a veteran researcher, or a member of the profession, we hope you will find this wiki helpful in using archives for National History Day.


Information for Students and Teachers

Information for Archivists, Librarians and Media Specialists

Introduction and Video Introduction 
Using Primary Sources Whether to Participate in NHD 
Finding Primary Sources in an Archives Timeframe
Making a Visit to the Archives Highlighting Your Collections
Online Primary Sources Best Practices: Some Examples
Glossary of Terms about Archives

Preparing for Class Visits

Do’s and Don’ts for Archivists

Society of American Archivists Reference, Access and Outreach Section's National History Day Committee| Credits

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