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A Guide to Getting Started for Archivists and Librarians


Interested in encouraging or facilitating participation in National History Day (NHD) at your archives or library, but unsure how to begin? This page has information to help answer some typical beginning questions.


How Do I Know if My Library or Repository is Appropriate for Participation in NHD?





Are Teachers in My Area Involved with NHD? What About Home-Schooled Students?

 University of Wisconsin-River Falls




When Do Students do Research?


Students typically conduct research between September and March, depending on the timeline of the local, state and regional competitions. The national competition is held in June. 




Do I Have Sources that NHD Students Want?


Minnesota Historical SocietyStudents choose their topics based upon the theme for that year. In general, they are allowed to focus on any place or time as long as it ties into the theme. So, it is dependent upon what the students in your area are researching, which will vary greatly. Please consult the NHD theme page for information about this year's theme.






Do I Want Classes to Visit My Library?






Do I Have Staff Resources to Provide Reference to Classes?


Does your organization typically charge for reference services? Is it possible to provide those services for free or a reduced rate? Is your reference staff a single person or do you have a team available? All institutions run differently, and the structure, mission, and flexibility of your institution will dictate your capacity for providing services.




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